Wednesday, January 20, 2016

This is my story, Why I started writing

Hello. You don't know me yet, but you will. I am a 35 year old high school educated man that decided one day that there had to be more to life than going to the same boring job every day and working until I was dead tired.
For the last 11 years of my life I worked at various car dealerships learning the auto industry. I have held almost every job in the dealership from salesman, to "closer" to sales manager and so on.
Now don't get me wrong there is a lot of good things about working in a car dealership. When you are a good salesman the pay is really good. You also get big discounts on getting new vehicles and you get to meet all kinds of new and interesting people.
My first few years in the auto industry were a lot of fun, business was really good and I was making all kinds of money. I was single then and I used to go out after work with friends and we would waste so much money you would think we were rock stars. Then came the crash in 2008 and the industry suffered it's worst years ever. My personal pay was so low I actually considered going into the Navy at 28 years old because they got paid more with lower costs of living.
But I did stick it out and over the next few years it slowly got better, but never to the point of where it was before and you had to work so much harder for less money. Naturally the fun was gone, and the feelings of accomplishment I used to have were fewer and further between. On top of that the owners are still not making the money they used to so they pressure and harass the management to do better numbers every month without much ad help to get them there. The time that required us to work was ridiculous and I saw weeks where I was at the dealership 7 days a week working from open until close.
I am now 35 years old, I am engaged to a beautiful woman and to work those hours just isn't going to fly if you are going to have any kind of meaningful relationship.
So I had a choice to make, do I stay here at the dealership or do I find something new? I decided that the latter is for me and I left as soon as our month of December was finished and started on my own venture.
My plan now is to be employed by my keyboard, I started a social media management company and started a few blogs. I am passionate about a few things, sports and my favorite team the New York Giants primarily so I believe that the majority of my posts will be under sports related sections.
Please be on the lookout for more posts from me and I hope that I have given someone else the motivation needed to "fire" their boss and search for a better way!
Take a look at this site, I have started here and I think you will like it too
Writing is an art, show the world your talent! Dwayne Schwarz

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